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Researching Fields

Researching play an important role in Centre's operationtrieenrdevelopment. Researching fields are:

Wavelet Interference Removing
The main target or research is to build analysing, processing and classifying signal in time and frequency domains; and interference removing method in these domains is to apply for signals which contain bursts. Verifying the importance of representing signals for analysing and classifying; especially time - frequency representing will improve signal classifying capability. One of the most important applications of Wavelet Transform is removing interference while maintain physical specifications of signal.

SDR Technology
SDR Technology is the key technology or high level digital communications systems. This technology uses softwares to construct up/down converter, mod/demodulator and define protocols. The system's hardware is built on the base that every system can apply, for example, civil wide band/narrow band systems (GNSS, GSM, CDMA, UTMS Receivers or P25 Wireless System). The main target of the group is to design and construct wireless transceiver system based on SDR Technology for multi applications.

MC-CDMA System Synchronisation
A basic limit of CDMA communications systems is synchronous time. Synchronous time is the necessary time for synchronising pseudo random code generated at receiver with receives spectrum spreaded signal. The target of theme is to research the next generation DS/CDMA signal synchronising algorithms using appropriate filtering technique and physical implementation of this algorithms

Wireless Sensor Network for Biomedical Electronics
The main target of the theme is to research models, system's architecture and operation algorithms in networks applied for wireless bioelectric diagnosis supporting system.