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School of Electronics and Telecommunications

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Department Biomedical Engineering

Teaching Courses


• Bio-electronics Fundamental
• Bio-signal Processing Circuits
• Diagnostic Imaging Technology
• Microelectronics Devices
• Health Information System and Telemedicine
• Human Anatomy and Physiology
• Medical Instrumentations
• Medical Image Processing
• Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Madicine
• Radiation Protection and Electrical Safety in Medicine
• Sensor and Measurement Techniques in Medicine
• Biomaterials
• Biomechanics
• Biomedical Engineering Design


• Biosensors
• Biomedical Signal Modelling
• Medical Image Reconstruction
• Medical Informatics
• Medical Device Design
• Patient Monitor System Design
• Physiological System Simulation
• Radiation Shieding and Safety in Medicine
• Special Topic in BME
• Treatment Planning in Radiation Therapy
• Advanced Medical Imaging Technologies
• Biomechanics and Applications

• BioOptical