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Department Electronic & Computer Eng.


 From 1994, The Faculty of Electronics and Informatics and The Facluty of Information Engineering have merged into The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.The Department of Electronics Informatics was founded, based on the basis organisational platform and inherited the fine tradition of the previous Faculty of Electronics and Informatics.
In 2010, by the decision of HUT School board, The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications was changed to The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications. The Department of Electronics Informatics was also renamed to The Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Nowaday, The Department's got about 27 Staff members, included 4 Associate Professors, 10 Doctors. There're 15 staff members that are participating in teaching process, 2 members in teaching service, 3 members in....... 
and 7 members now study abroad. With the recruitment policy of Board of Directors, the Department's staff has got new capable members, to replace retired members and ones that got transferd to another work.
All the staff members have qualification standards, especially pedagogical qualifications are continuously improved to meet the requirements in teaching and research. Alongside those, all the staff members always have respect for grassroots democracy, in good standing with rules and regulations of the Department.


 Contact Info:

Name Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Office: Room C9-401, Hanoi University of Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi


Phone: (+84) 38681571


Subject leaders:

Head of department: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Khang (in charge)

Deputy Head of department: Dr.. Pham Ngoc Nam (in charge of training)

Deputy Head of department: Dr.. Bui Viet Khoi (in charge of facilities)