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2018 IEEE Seventh International Conference on Communications and Electronics

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Department Electronic & Computer Eng.

Teaching Courses

2.Operating System

3.Project 1
4.Project 2
5.Industrial Electronics
6.Industrial Information Systems
7.Digital design 2
8.Design and synthesis of digital systems and IC
9.Embedded System Design
10. Parallel Programming

11. Computer Architecture

12. Parallel Computer Architecture

13. Image processing

14. Biomedical signal modeling

15. Software engineering applications

16. Object-oriented design

17. Programming Languages

18. Programming C / C + +, Java

19. Algorithms and data structures

20. Database, database management system

21. Analysis and design of object-oriented information systems

22. CAD / CAM

23. Neuron network and application

24. programming

25. Advanced Programming

26. Digital

27. Data Structures

28. Digital systems design

29. Signal processing IC designed for use in information

30. Verify automated system, IC and embedded systems

31. Automatic verification of hardware

32. Analysis and design of information systems

33. Using satellite positioning technology

34. Hardware system design

35. Digital systems design using VHDL

36. Image sensors and digital cameras

37. IC design

38. Design of CMOS ICs

39. Data Structures and Algorithms

40. IC Design (similar)

41. Op-amp Design

42. microprocessors

43. Synthesis and Optimization Digital Circuit

44. Functional Hardware Verification

45. Image sensors and digital cameras

46. Data Structures Algorithms

47. Machine learning methods and applications