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Department Electronic & Computer Eng.

Assc. Prof. Thang Manh Hoang



♦ Full name: Thang Manh Hoang

♦ Position: Head of Signal and Information Processing Laboratory (SIPLAB)

♦ Postal address: Dept. of Electronics and Computer Engineering, School of Electronics and Telecommunications, C9-405, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet road, Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • ♦ Workplace: SIPLAB, Room 618, Ta Quang Buu Library, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  • ♦ Email: thang (DOT) hoangmanh (AT) hust (DOT) edu (DOT) vn; OR thang (AT) ieee (DOT) org


Teaching course:

  • ♦  Digital Logic Design (for undergraduates)
  • ♦  Microprocessor system design (for undergraduates)
    • ♦  Theory of Cryptography (for undergraduates)
  • ♦  Neural networks and its applications (for graduates)
Research topic:
  • ♦  Coupled Nonlinear Systems: Synchronization. Cellular Neural/Nonlinear Networks (CNN). Neural Networks. Complex Networks.
  • ♦  Chaotic Communications: CPPM. FM-CSK. FM-DCSK. Chaotic CDMA. Chaotic Laser. Chaos-based Security.
  • ♦  Application of Nonlinear Analysis Methods: Recurrent Plots. State Space Analysis. Lyapunov Exponents. Fractals & Multifractals. Stability. Surrogate. Time Series Analysis.
  • ♦  Circuit Theory & Designs: Microprocessor-based system (µP/MCU/DSP). Digital logic (FPGA/CPLD). Nonlinear circuits (including PLL), CNN.
  • ♦ IEEE'07, REV
  • On-going project:


♦ Security Enhancement for Communications using Chaos

Sponsored by Vietnam National Foundation of Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED)- 2014-2015

Principle Investigator



  • Completed projects: 
  • ♦ Synchronization of chaotic systems and application in secure communications

    Sponsored by Vietnam National Foundation of Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED)- 2010-2012

    Principle Investigator
  • ♦  Chaotic UWB communications

    Sponsored by Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) - 2009-2011

    Principle Investigator
  • ♦  Design and Implementation for motion detection devices,

    Sponsored by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) - 2010

    Principle Investigator
  • ♦  PhD students:
    • - Dang Thai Son, Application of nonlinear theory in information processing and recognition, 2012-2016 (as expected).
    • - Hoang Xuan Thanh, Application of chaos in image cryptography, 2015-2019(as expected).
    • - Doan Thi Que, WNS security , 2015-2019(as expected).
      •  Graduated PhD:
      • - Ta Thi Kim Hue, Discretized Chaos-based Block Cipher, 2017

Call for senior students/graduates/PhD candidates for internship or graduation thesis:


  • ♦  For undergraduate students: R&D in the areas of expertise
  • ♦  For post-graduates: Fundamental research within the area of nonlinear theory and application in electronics and communications
  • ***Please contact me for more details and opportunity
Publication:  see citation at @scholargoogle @Scopus


On media:


4D/5D Cinema Design made in Vietnam

at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc5i3ozcvos





♦  Apparatus and system for modulation and demodulation of chaotic pulse position-amplitude for ultrawide band communications - (No. 14737)




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Recent articles:



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