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Department Aerospace Electronics

Dr. Do Trong Tuan

Name: Assoc.Prof. Do Trong Tuan

Address : Room 410, C9 Building - Hanoi University of Technology, No. 1 Dai Co Viet Road, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

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Tel :  +84 93 466 0554

Fax :  +84 43 869 2241


  1. Mobile Communications (graduate & undergraduate)
  2. Multimedia Communications (graduate)
  3. Real-time systems (graduate)
  4. Positioning and Navigations (undergraduate)
  5. Aeronautical Communication Networks (undergraduate)
  6. Radar and Remote Sensing (undergraduate)
  7. Android Programming (undergraduate)
  8. Location Based Service and Application Design (undergraduate)


  • Aeronautical communications networks and airborne internet
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Autonomous Ground Vehicle
  • Heterogeneous network architectures for multimedia communications
  • Communication quality assurance in vehicle ad-hoc networks and wireless mesh networks.
  • Quality-of-Service architectures in the future Internet
  • GPS-based navigations and mobile embedded systems.
  • Performance evaluation and simulation of IP networks.
  • Optimized graph theory, Cellular Neural Networks and applications
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Communication Integration



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International Conferences

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Other Publications

  1. Do Trong Tuan, Shiro Sakata and Nobuyoshi Komuro, “Admission Control for Assuring Communication Quality in VANETs integrated with Wireless Mesh Networks”, Proc. IEICE2012 Conference - ISSN: 0913-5685, pp.137-142, Miyazaki, Japan, March 2012.
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