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Faculty and Staff


Dr.Do Trong Tuan

Vice Head Department

Email: tuan.dotrong@hust.edu.vn




Dr. Pham Thanh Cong

Vice Head Department

Email: Cong.phamthanh@hust.edu.vn




MSc. Nguyen Khac Kiem


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Dr. Ha Duyen Trung


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Eng. Nguyen Bich Huyen


Email: Huyen.nguyenbich@hust.edu.vn





MSc. Phuong Xuan Quang


Email: quang.phuongxuan@hust.edu.vn


MSc. Han Trong Thanh


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The department has collaboration in researching and training with institutions in domestic as well as other countries.

  • - National Space Committee
  • - Vietnam National Satellite Center
  • - Vietnam Air Traffic Management Center
  • - University of Trento (Italy),
  • - Institute of Smart-System Technologies, Klagenfurt University (Austria),
  • - Sakata-Komuro Lab at Chiba University (Japan),
  • - Aerospace Robitics Lab at Tohoku University,
  • - AIT (ThaiLan),

- Anna University (India).


Undergarduate courses


Electronic positioning and navigation

Satellite Engineering

Aeronautical Communication Networks

Satellite based positioning

Data communication and aeronautical message switching

Radar and remote detection

Avionics Equipments

Automatic measurement and control

Navigation and Air Traffic Management


 GIS and remote sensing


Design of location based services and applications


Antenna and microwave engineering


Advanced Computer network


Optical Fiber Communication System


Mobile Communications


Communication Terminal Equipments


Digital Communications


Electronic Measurement Fundamental


Project I


Project II


Graduate courses


Real-time systems




Distributed systems


Multimedia Communications

Research Projects


Project name

Funding institution & funded amount

Project duration


Design optimized phase antenna for mobile satellite stations in the VINASAT telecommunication system.

National Level – Joint research project with Anana University, India



Design and manufacture multiband antenna for integrated GNSS/Galileo receiver using super electromagnetic material  

Key project, Ministry of Science and Technology



Design an automatic system and facilities for fire protect and rescue in the area of Hanoi city.

Department of Science and Technology of Hanoi city



Design and implement a positioning system for supporting police in the area of Hanoi city.

Department of Science and Technology of Hanoi city



Design and manufacturing hidden antenna for 2G/3G base station in the mobile communication system in the area of Hanoi city. 

Department of Science and Technology of Hanoi city


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