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Nguyen Van Khang




Full name: Assoc.Prof.  Nguyen Van Khang

Head of Department of Electronics and Computer  Engineering

Dean of School of Electronics and  Telecommunications

Work address: Room 405, Building C9, Department of Electronics and Computer  Engineering, School of Electronics and  Telecommunications

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Tel:  + 3 8 69 22 42/ 0913219088

Teaching Courses

-       Industrial Information Systems

-       Micro processing techniques

-       Analog and digital circuits

-       Introduction to Technical

-       Signals and Systems

-       Signal Processing

-       - Industrial Electronics

Research Interests

-       Handling

-       Intelligent Information Network IBMS

-       GNSS satellite positioning system

-       - Embedded control systems for industrial applications, new energy

Published Papers


Published Books

-       Programmable logic controller PLC and applications Publisher Bach Khoa Ha Noi, 2009

Current master students


Current Ph.D students


Other information

(If any)

- The direction of research for graduate students and researchers:

1. Research and application of information systems in industrial automated production line.

2. Research intelligent building management system (IBMS) and applications

3. Research intelligent traffic control system and its application in urban traffic control, passenger transport, ... Look at the control system, change